Can CBD Help You Sleep?

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Can CBD Help You Sleep?


A lot of people have been turning to cannabis due to health benefits for a long time. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound found in marijuana and hemp that doesn’t get you high, unlike Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). It has also exploded in popularity recently because of its benefits in treating health problems, including pain and anxiety.

How CBD Helps With Sleep

Recent studies show that cannabis compounds such as CBD interact with receptors throughout the body (usually referred to as the “endocannabinoid system”), including the brain. More than one of those types of receptors can affect the body’s sleep and wake cycle. Also, CBD can interact with other receptors in the brain that are liked to anxiety and, in turn, reducing the worry over someone’s sleep cycle.

CBD Can Have Even Better Effects Against Anxiety 

Though some are skeptical about using CBD as a sleep aid, there’s evidence that supports CBD’s ability to ease anxiety. Meaning it can help you relax to help you sleep. 

Short-Term Use is Best 

The CBD’s ability to improve your sleep patterns can diminish the longer you take it, so it may be best not to use CBD daily or long-term. In some studies, people who struggle with sleeplessness improved in the first month, but the effects began to fade in the following months. In fact, there is another study that researchers say that users have reported that the CBD keeps them awake once they are no longer chronically sleepy.

Take Higher Doses

In terms of dosing, there’s not much research. However, there is one that suggests low doses might not be very effective. In 2004, the study found that low doses of about 15mg of CBD didn’t help people fall asleep and may actually make people more awake. 

Another study found that a hefty dose of 160mg worked a lot better than a lower one. However, researchers of this same study are concerned that sustaining a dose of 160mg can be pretty expensive.

Vaping CBD will work faster, but pills, oils, and edibles may help you stay asleep since they release the CBD throughout the night. 

Quality CBD Only

Many studies suggest that many CBD products contain what they claim or are contaminated with pesticides or other harmful substances. We offer some of the best CBD products that are 100% organic, grown in the USA, certified, pesticide-free, lab tested, and loved by many throughout the country.

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