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Makai Newsletter October 06, 2021


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Makai Newsletter October 06, 2021

by Maikai INC.

Welcome to the Makai newsletter! We appreciate you all so much for following this journey with us and look forward to sharing all things MAIKAI! Each week all of you will be receiving updates on events, new products, campaigns, and the other things we are working on. We value all of our customers and supporters and strive to make products of the utmost quality while still being affordable. For questions, comments and concerns you can contact us at or on our Instagram @maikai_company!





CBD (cannabidiol) was discovered by Harvard University-trained chemist Roger Adams in 1940. Later, in 1964, Dr. Raphael Mechoulam expanded on Adams’ research and was able to identify both the properties of CBD and THC.

Source: (“What is the History of CBD?”)


CBD is the second most prevalent chemical in Cannabis, the first being THC. CBD does not cause a high like THC does but it has been shown to have relaxing properties. Unlike THC, CBD is not psychoactive and has more of a physical effect. Because it is not psychoactive, CBD is legal- this is not to say that it still doesn’t have a stigma surrounding it given its close relationship to THC.

(“What is the History of CBD?”)


Due to diet, work culture, and lack of access, holistic health has been on the rise. While research on CBD  is still rather new- through self-studies, animal testing, there have been many other suggested benefit of CBD. Like THC in marijuana, there has been research showing that CBD may aid in reducing the effects of insomnia, anxiety, chronic pain, and inflammation without the more intense “high” of marijuana. Further, there has been no evidence that an individual can become addicted to CBD itself. In fact, CBD has been shown to lower the cravings of certain addictive substances.



There is new research on CBD almost weekly and because of that, the list of possible benefits is growing rapidly. CBD seems to be here to stay and as cannabis and its products become legal you will begin to find it in more and more things. At Maikai we are looking forward to learning more alongside you all and work tirelessly to deliver the best products and highest quality CBD every time.


“ I’m obsessed with your products! The CBD overall bundle has really helped me focus and eliminate daily aches and pain.” – Jennifer, Maikai customer


While it is no secret that anything regarding health and wellness is often subject to hyperbole and over-exaggerated claims. With that being said, Maikai promises to make sure we are sharing the most digestible and credible information that we can. We are constantly doing our research and staying up to date on all CBD news. We would never give you information that we have not done our due diligence to research and will always have sources to back it. Before using any of our products- especially those that are digestible- please speak to your physicians.

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