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MaiKai Newsletter October 13, 2021

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Praise for MAIKAI!

Makai Newsletter October 06, 2021

by Maikai INC. 

Welcome to the Makai newsletter! We appreciate you all so much for following this journey with us and look forward to sharing all things MAIKAI! Each week all of you will be receiving updates on events, new products, campaigns, and the other things we are working on. We value all of our customers and supporters and strive to make products of the utmost quality while still being affordable. For questions, comments and concerns you can contact us at or on our Instagram @maikai_company!  



MaiKai in Store

On Saturday, October 2, 2021, our Maikai founders got the opportunity to be in our first store! You can now purchase our Maikai shampoo and conditioner at Loves Beauty Supply in Moorestown, New Jersey. Love’s is black woman-owned and operated by Angelica Hill. Natasha and Shavaun met Angelica in Atlanta, Georgia at InvestFest. As we know, the Maikai team is dedicated to emphasizing and collaborating with other small businesses- especially those that are black and/or woman-owned like us- because we know that there is a huge gap in the entrepreneurial space when it comes to businesses like ours. 

We are so grateful that Angelica invited us to feature our products in her store and are so proud of all her hard work and dedication and cannot wait to collaborate with her more in the future (make sure to follow her on Instagram!). Maikai is also going to be sold at Hair Vyce Studios in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Hair Vyce is also black woman-owned and operated and its owner Franchon Pryor has been a very close friend to our Maikai founders for years. Again, thank you so much Franchon and we hope your clients love our products! (Follow Hair Vyce on Instagram and make an appointment!) If you would like to see Maikai products in your store please be sure to contact us! We’d love to work with you!

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