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MaiKai Newsletter December 08. 2021


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Makai Newsletter December 08, 2021

by Maikai INC. 

Welcome to the Makai newsletter! We appreciate you all so much for following this journey with us and look forward to sharing all things MAIKAI! Each week all of you will be receiving updates on events, new products, campaigns, and the other things we are working on. We value all of our customers and supporters and strive to make products of the utmost quality while still being affordable. For questions, comments and concerns you can contact us at or on our Instagram @maikai_company!  



CBD for Sleep

The endocannabinoid system is a network of signals and receptors in our brains and bodies. Cannabinoid receptors themselves are more vast and occurring than most other receptors in our brains. They regulate and control the other neurotransmitters. They adjust the systems that regulate hunger, sleep, and bodily temperature. Our bodies produce these molecules and their structure is similar to the structure of molecules in cannabis plants. There is significant evidence and countless studies that show that the endocannabinoid system plays a large role in regulating our circadian rhythms (the natural 24 hour cycle our body is on to regulate when we wake and when we sleep.) Studies show that those who suffer from insomnia, once they use CBD, their symptoms take a significant decrease (more information here.) Research also suggests that CBD aids in decreased cortisol levels- the stress hormone- and decreased cortisol is pivotal for a good night’s rest. This implies that CBD may act like a sort of sedative. If you are someone you know struggling with insomnia or just getting a good night’s rest in general, it may be beneficial to try a CBD product.  Try MAIKAI’s Full Spectrum CBD Softgel’s with Melatonin and Chamomile!


 It is no secret that anything regarding health and wellness is often subject to hyperbole and over exaggerated claims. With that being said, Maikai promises to make sure we are sharing the most digestible and credible information that we can. We are constantly doing our research and staying up to date on all CBD news. We would never give you information that we have not done our due diligence to research and will always have sources to back it. Before using any of our products- especially those that are digestible- please speak to your physician.


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