Can CBD help with Sleeplessness and Depression?


Do you find yourself up late at night, watching ASMR or Satisfying videos in hopes of lulling yourself to sleep? As part of the side effects of trials for epilepsy was drowsiness, so, It seems CBD is quite the promising sleep aid. If you’ve grown out of Melatonin and are looking for a new treatment for sleep, CBD may be right for you. 

Studies About CBD

Studies have found that CBD improved anxiety but not sleep. However, this improved anxiety causes drowsiness, as sleep disorders can be caused by many reasons, including depression and anxiety. Studies on rodents have revealed that they adapted better to stressful conditions and exhibited less depressive behavior after taking CBD. 


The surprising thing about CBD is that it acts faster than most conventional antidepressants. According to a study at the Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies in Demark, scientists are surprised that CBD works more quickly than most conventional antidepressants. Though measuring and detecting depression in animals is difficult, studies still show that animals with chronic stress behavior tend to be more resilient to stress after taking CBD. However, all these studies have been solely performed on mice or other rodents, and without accurate human trials, the effects of CBD as a treatment for sleep and depression may not be evident enough. 


Finding the Best CBD

If you choose to try CBD, the important aspect is to turn to quality, U.S.-made, organic, lab-tested CBD products. It just so happens that MaiKai’s CBD products are 100% derivative of hemp, organic, lab-tested, and made in the United States. MaiKai upholds strict quality standards, so our customers can access the best CBD products money can buy while making it affordable to everyone. 


If you’re unsure that CBD is best for you, call our offices, and we will inform you how you could benefit from CBD. We currently highly recommend CBD for any person or pet that suffers from anxiety, slow recovery, depression, insomnia, arthritis, or chronic nerve pain. Check out our online store today to browse our many CBD products, including topicals, oils, snacks, and more!


Using CBD products can help you cut on your list of medications that only seems to get longer as we age. CBD is still new, but it remains one of the best options for those seeking to rely on natural medicine and less on synthetic drugs.

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