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MaiKai Newsletter March 30, 2022


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Makai Newsletter March 30, 2022

by Maikai INC. 

Welcome to the Makai newsletter! We appreciate you all so much for following this journey with us and look forward to sharing all things MAIKAI! Each week all of you will be receiving updates on events, new products, campaigns, and the other things we are working on. We value all of our customers and supporters and strive to make products of the utmost quality while still being affordable. For questions, comments and concerns you can contact us at or on our Instagram @maikai_company!  




How exactly is CBD extracted- there are actually a few methods! 

#1 Carbon-Dioxide Extraction

This is the most popular of all of the extraction methods. The hemp plant is placed in high pressurized chambers that pump Co2 from one chamber to another that has the actual plant in it. The plant is exposed to supercritical Co2 that breaks down its materials causing oil separation. After the oil begins to separate the oil and the Co2 are put into a third chamber together, the oil evaporates and you are left with pure CBD oil! 

#2 Steam Distillation 

This method has a material distillation tank that has an inlet and an outlet. Theres is a tank of water underneath the distillation tank, and the outlet of the distillation tank connects to a condensing tube which in turn is connected to a collecting flask. The water is brought  to a boil and that steam travels upward to the plant material tank separating the oil vapors containing CBD. The oil and water travels to the condensing tube where it is separated and distilled. 

#3 Solvent Extraction 

Solvent extraction is like steam distillation but instead of water theres a solvent. It requires butane, alcohol and propane to extract the plant CBD from the plant material. The solvent is then evaporated leaving the CBD oil. 

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