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Maikai is a company founded in January, 2021 with love and passion. Our chief goal is to spread that love and passion to the world, ultimately making it a better place to live in for our own and future generations. We believe that the best way to achieve that goal is with the positive effects of CBD, which has countless benefits: physical, mental, and emotional.

We want to bring these benefits to the mainstream consciousness with the highest quality CBD wellness and personal-care products, and with a brand presence dedicated to CBD and cannabis education. We hope to help the world break free of the negative stigma on cannabis and realize the incredible opportunities for health and happiness it offers.

Maikai was founded and is operated by Natasha and Shavaun, partners in love and life who are always striving toward peace and prosperity, for themselves, their family, and their community. As parents, they want their children to grow up in a world that has embraced the benefits of cannabis, and is free of the stigma associated with it.

In the future, Maikai plans to contribute to and work with non-profits dedicated to the youth, the arts, and community improvement; as we grow, we want to bring the world with us.

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