MaiKai Newsletter December 08. 2021

MAIKAI Weekly Digest Praise for MAIKAI! Makai Newsletter December 08, 2021 by Maikai INC.  Welcome to the Makai newsletter! We appreciate you all so much for following this journey with us and look forward to sharing all things MAIKAI! Each week all of you will be receiving updates on events, new products, campaigns, and the other things we are working…

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CBD Oil: The Road to Quicker Recovery

Cannabidiol (CBD) has been proven to have many health benefits, from improved sleep quality to be an effective long-term non-addictive pain reliever. It has also proven to help reduce anxiety and speed up muscle recovery, which is why CBD oil can help athletes recover faster and start training again.  No Room For Stigma CBD is entirely safe. There are many…

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Do Vets Recommend CBD?

Hemp became legal in the United States in 2018 since the Farm Bill was signed into law. However, this massive step forward has left a lot of pet parents confused as to the legitimacy and effectiveness of CBD.  Administering cannabis and CBD for pets is stuck in a grey area. It’s legal yet unapproved for your four-legged friend.  Vets Can’t…

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Can CBD Help You Sleep?

A lot of people have been turning to cannabis due to health benefits for a long time. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound found in marijuana and hemp that doesn’t get you high, unlike Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). It has also exploded in popularity recently because of its benefits in treating health problems, including pain and anxiety. How CBD Helps With Sleep Recent…

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